Reflection in Nature

Only in my dreams do I see the woman,
The one that never was, as she comes to be,
As she’s summoned from the sea, as she pauses,
Then walks on water to me, as I call her.

Only in my dreams does the wind give name,
To one that time forgot, as she flies.
A sun to fill my eyes, she pauses,
Then falls as dappled light, on a morning.

Only dreams, In a daze I see them wane,
Ones that grew, ensnared my brain,
Then sucked my mind like rain, then paused,
To scream discoloured pain, and rot.

The dreams fade, as only dreams do,
Once I’ve woke, and the day is new.
As I gather their shades of blue, I pause,
To find an earthen tomb, and in they drop.

I sit and play with sticks, they kindle, and I think,
Of shapes in the flame, lips in the flicker,
The smoke lingers, the smell sticks to my fingers,
And whispers smoulder, hints of hints,
The red shrinks, the yellow speaks,
Without pause its kiss burns and taunts,
Painful pleasure, coldest heat.
A fool to hope? Another dream?