Human Wild Type


My name is Seán.
Here, I share my art.
I paddle in poetry’s ocean,
Post my photos.
I tell stories,
Recount inspired moments.



“Just some guy with a desire to create. ”
-The best quote PR could find.

This blog is a learning journal and a place to showcase my work. I post both finished projects and chapters of my works-in-progress.

Poetry is to date my foremost art.  I have posted some and will be posting more. I’m recording my early progression in photography too, one laughably misguided attempt at a time. As time goes by, more categories of scribbling will be added.

I blog sporadically. I’m still trying to find a routine to suit me. “Every few days” would be a usefully vague rule of thumb for now.

Don’t be shy, have a look around and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Let’s create things!


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