Virus Content

“I’m destroying the bridge to the person
That has been destroying me,” were the words
She shared with ensnared Instagram followers,
Plucked from one of a million content providers,
The ones literally begging for shares and likes,
Analytics that taste nice but leave them hungrier.

I digress, my attention span, my focus on the here,
Has dropped dramatically the last five or so years,
As my addiction to social media took over,
Defining my worth by likes has made me colder,
Less empathetic and hyper self-aware,
All part of the package baby, the digital era’s here!
Feeling lonely, worthless, suicidal or lost?
There’s an app for that, download it at once!

I’ve Grown impatient with dated convention,
Almost as much as with people displaying
A lack of knowledge for convention at all,
Yet writing “Atypical” on their bio on their blogs,
And spitting snobbery at the labor of their peers,
Ah, typical, I suppose that’s me?
Typical Timmy needs to learn his place,
Give up the craft and worship your face?

But back to my story,
She shared that picture….
And I just stared,
And wondered if ever
I said or did
A thing to destroy,
In a simple case
of girl texts boy.
We’d met and kissed,
Flirted and laughed,
We said we’d meet
Again next chance,
We texted again,
Flirted some more,
But on the day to meet,
She ceased rapport.

No word for days from her phone or facebook,
But her twitter was active, so no deadly fate
Had befallen her, thankfully, and yes I was worried,
T’was that suddenly she’d ended our story.
But I left it there,when she shared the picture,
No good can come of this particular stranger
Pushing myself through blocks of text,
Demanding likes, love, respect.


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