Encounter With A Bot (Poem)

A bot bombed the scene. Dropping comments in comment sections. Saying “Look at me, I learned this lesson, now my funds have no recession.” Suspicious they were, as most would be. They rained upon it with mockery. Linking pics, memes of the season, poking jokes at “feeble” readers: “None have thread the spider’s web as adeptly as we three. The spam will offer hollow hopes, an hour for easy money. Promises snaring novices, obvious as trolling sprees. Let it lure them in, let them feel what its like be eaten.”

“How easily the victim’s blamed,” I thought as I watched them talk. As if they were gods of guile, never led on a walk by a weaves of code or a grand show.┬áBe it here or far, someone’s charmed. It’s worked before, it’ll work some more. The Trojan horse of Troy rearranges the splinters of its mane, the colour of its hooves, engravings on its face. And searching new places, it lays the trap. Is welcomed in and sucks the sap.

But is this bot just typing a lie? Perhaps it’s a vision of life in that line of work. It might be spamming other sections, receiving comments from other jesters. How quick we are assume the worst. What if…. hmmm, you know what? I better stop. I think it’s working.


Keep Fishing

If boredom’s what ails ya, time for a cure,
By fishing the ocean from digital shores,
Sure it’s got sharks, and blowfish besides,
But every now and then a tide
Will bring a fish with purple scales,
Emerald hues on a humpback whale, Continue reading

A Circle of Life

Brush the dust, release the thought,
Let it sink to the pit of the waters maw,
And the bones of meals that snag the fin,
May they fall to black for others to win.

If I drink the water, bring the blue in,
It will twist the mind to a slow ruin,
Tar the last of the prettier innards,
And all the will to swim will wither.

For another fish I sang a verse,
And the chorus slashed again my nerves;
The message of air, gliding to the surface,
Silent, but clear in its purpose,

It led my eyes to a hazy other,
The wind, the sky, the lights of summer,
Where birds must fly, free and at home
In their time, fleeing a lonely shore.

But back to the daily, back to the blues,
Where all that lives is a life to lose,
So eyes forward, watching for movement,
On to the next meal, and more music.