The Goodbye Wish

May friends you make on this and other days
Be worthy of that name, and more than I,
Be worthy of your time. I will bore you,
I will drag you down from all your virtues,
I’ll be the one who tells you not to laugh,
When I should learn to smile and nod and chant
With crowds. I am the talker, you’re the doer,
Together words become an empty nuisance,
We bear the lie with help of a common poison,
That surfs the blood to the mind, till a voice
Becomes but useless reason.

Anyway, may the ending harp to you,
May the past flow through you,
May new visions greet you,
May levels fall beneath you,
May honest Words surround you,
May laughing heal you,
And most of all, may others find you.


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