​ The first wall came with a nurturing hand,
With talk of the “natural,” and basics to grasp:
“The boys are funny, the girls wear pink,
Men are tough, and women are weak.”
The others came with a mix of intent,
Enemies, teachers, family, friends:
“Emotion is ugly, depression is selfish,
The blacks, Romanians, and Polish are worthless.
The foolish at heart say there is no God;
No reason to love, their morals flawed.
Above all, one crime, that has no equal,
To be gay is to be disgusting or evil.”

The roof, the bars, the dank, heavy air.
The comments on YouTube, the posts on Facebook:
“People leeching the dole from the state,
Council house scum, drinking and maiming.
The Traveller community obeys no laws,
Their kids are dying ‘cause they chose wrong.
The things from the East, the ignorant savages,
We in the West, the reasoned, the affable.
Satisfying, fitting, to blow their mosques,
Their idol is terror, ours the one true God.”
I stoop in my cell, painting pictures on walls,
Erecting stock images, four to six feet tall.
I, the shadow, upon your caveman wall,
I’ll watch wait for the shadows to fall.


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