The Actor and the Visionaries (Poem)

Person meets a person, romantic abstractions
with laughs. Vivid colours, dreamy arcs,
Conquered obstacles. The director surpassed
herself I thought; better, by far, than her last.

The film offered visions of future times,
A set of expectations to live by;
Where empty hands are filled, and people smile,
And gaze in the eyes of partners, ‘till light subsides.

Inspired by forms of another’s creation,
I wrote a script, and judged interpretations.
But you were a natural, threw away
the chains of cliché, couldn’t bear to feel a strain.

And then I dreamed, through a worn movie reel,
Of resolution at a final scene:
Bitter people practicing smiles at evening,
dressing a withered tree in second hand leaves.

Awake, I wander in circles, return
to the place I first heard it, the words
Of one who walked this way; her eyes had burned,
walking towards the light; never looking behind, never concerned.

AcVal red 3

You can read more of my poetry here.


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